After a very long tiring day, I was walking back to the parking lot. Suddenly someone waved at me, tearing away from my thoughts I looked up to see. Familiarity wrapped me from within, I thought it was you. Elated to see you again I hasten to greet the wave. As we edged closer, I realized and noted many things. I was near yet so far. I could see you in every step that I came closer. Instead of that tight hug, I was greeted by a handshake. 

 Suddenly a wave of grief took over. I looked up to see you, wondering what changed. I could see your features sculpted in, your square jaws, your shallow cheeks, it was picture perfect. When I met your eyes, I felt panic and havoc. The molten BROWN now held a shimmering hazel. As I stood there, looking, and my mouth was responding for the queries. My thoughts raced back to my memories.

Even as I spoke I remembered that first convo we had;

That first touch;

That first laugh;

That first date;

That first kiss;

That moment you slid the ring on my finger;

That moment when we said till death do us apart;

The day when we started our lives together.

With pain mounting from within, my heart vouched a tsunami to take over me in a while. I just felt my earthquake. Snapping from the memories, I found that your voice has changed. Your touch had changed. My heart went cold, my eyes stirred. I was still talking, but it was not you. Then, my conversation with the stranger ended.

I turned to have a last look at the person whom resembled you. I walked back slowly, thinking about that day when I saw you, for one last time. Tears welled up.

Death did do us apart;

I remembered your face embedded on the wooden casket. It was the last time I touched the frozen skin of yours. Cold, motionless and still, probably the first time when I looked at you and you did not smile back. Your gentle eyes were closed, and mine cried.

The first time when I cried and you were not there to wipe them.

The first time I slept alone on our bed.

The first morning without your smile;

The first day without your hug;

The first night without being kissed a good night;

The day when I was alone in the rain, standing by your grave. It was covered with fresh mud. All memories flashed before my eyes.

Years went by since that fateful day,

I still miss you.


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